About Annie Peony

Annie Peony was born in the rural Hunan province of China, but spent most of her life in Guangdong, China. Inspired by the rural nature surrounding her, Annie started to paint landscapes in junior high. She then began to study fine arts foundation courses in high school. Three years later, she passed the college entrance exam and attended a university where she received further painting and theoretical study. After graduation, Annie started painting professionally for ten years. 

From 2003 to 2005, Annie studied at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts to further her study of oil painting. She also studied under famous Chinese painter, Yim Mau Kun, and California artist, Jove Wang. In 2015, Annie moved to California and has committed to being a full-time artist; painting the romantic landscapes of her new home.  

Annie’s relentlessly painting and research of the arts undoubtedly reflects her constant progress and innovation. Using almost exclusively oil paints, Annie specializes in a vibrant impressionist and thick style that sometimes borders on abstraction. She has also mastered the art of traditional Chinese ink and watercolor painting. Annie’s art is collected all over the world and has been shown in several Northern California art galleries and competitions. 

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