About Annie Peony

Annie Peony Zhang was born in Hengnan Hunan China. She loved painting and calligraphy since childhood. She studied at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and has been painting for nearly 30 years.

She is good at oil painting and Chinese painting. She is determined to study the integration and innovation of Chinese and Western painting, and express her feelings with a new artistic language. She has taken a gratifying step and is known as a "contemporary new talented woman painter".

Her artistic activities and paintings are all over the world. She has participated in exhibitions and  competitions many times and won many awards. Her works are collected by enterprises, private individuals, art institutions and museums.

Her artworks: “Childhood”, “Wish” and “Memories”, which were painted in 2018, 2019 and 2020 were accepted into Crocker Art Museum, BNSA Auction, and were successfully auctioned. Her beautiful pieces, “Beautiful California”, “Delta Scenery”, “Sacramento River of North California” and many more were added into the Morris Graves Museum of Art  collection.

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