Art Classes
Demonstration & Workshop.

We teach fine art to young students across Elk Grove, offering various opportunities to dive into art. Our classes and workshops are available for students of all levels of experience and ensure individual attention. Students learn in a supportive and non-judgmental environment and are encouraged to discover their maximum creativity.


We present creative ideas and unique solutions with an extraordinary selection of frame moldings and mats. We consider all areas of art conservation and presentation to create a frame that portrays your style while improving each print, photograph, and painting.

Commission Art.

Looking for the perfect piece to fill the space above the fireplace? Or on the looking for a portrait of your canine? Or maybe you came across an artwork that has already caught your eye, but it’s not the right color or size.

No worries! We’ve got you covered.

How it works.

Create your budget, explain your masterpiece, and set a completion date.

The selected artist will then accept your offer or contact you to discuss your requirements further. You can also upload photos for inspiration.

Once it is accepted, you pay the deposit. When you’re satisfied with the final piece, pay the remainder.

Receive regular progress updates

Once your job is accepted, your artist will be with you with photos and regular updates.

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